International Trip Rehearsal Day

Students:  All of Monday's activities are required for all students.  This is critical for several reasons.  You'll get information on a lot of procedures including group check-in locations and times at the airport and how your equipment will be loaded and paid for.  We will also collect and copy passports for me to carry in case of emergency.  If any student has a notion about trying to skip this meeting and showing up at the airport on your own let this be your warning. I will not answer any email questions about things that were covered in this meeting.  Your equipment will not be paid for and you will be on your own.  As the faculty member who is responsible for your safety and your travel arrangements I am firmly requiring your attendance on Monday.  I will not take responsibility for you if you do not attend.

Non-students: I cannot require you to be at the meeting on Monday but I highly recommend that you attend at 4:00.  This will be the only time that the entire group will be together before we arrive in Tokyo.  Please bring your passport so that I can get a photocopy.  The only passport that was ever lost on one of our trips belonged to an adult guest.  I did not have a copy so I couldn't help. 

Monday January 6







Tuesday January 7


If you need to get a uniform you'll have time to do this sometime during the rehearsal day.

Meet in Band Room of Haas Fine Arts
Bring your passport or a copy of your passport to this meeting

Full Band Staging Rehearsal
At this rehearsal we have to get through the entire play list and learn each set.

Lunch Break

Section Rehearsals

Full Band Rehearsal
Last time through the entire play list

Full trip meeting
Guests are encouraged to attend this meeting

Dismiss and begin packing

Load Bus

Bus leaves for airport
Others will meet us in the airport according to a schedule to be announced at the meeting.
There are still empty seats on the bus (both to and from the airport.) 
If you are riding the bus please bring a check made out to Blugold Marching Band. 
($15 one way; $30 roundtrip)