You are responsible for having all of your equipment for each rehearsal.  This includes your instrument, flag, music, podium, props, etc.  Do not depend on someone else to take care of your equipment.

Dress sensibly for all rehearsals.  Dress for comfort, according to the weather.  Wear shorts and Tee-shirt or other clothing that is NOT loose and floppy.  This enables the staff to detect marching errors more accurately.  Sandals or Flip Flops are not appropriate for marching rehearsals. 

Cooperate fully with section leaders and Blugold Staff members at all times.

When a drill movement ends remain at attention in your ending position until given "at ease."  Do not move as this changes the form and makes it impossible to correct alignment and errors.  When you are instructed to move to another position do so as quickly as possible without talking.  Socializing on the field will not be tolerated.

Rehearsal starts at 4:15pm.  You are expected to be ready at that time, not arriving then.  Do not waste rehearsal time.  If the band meets inside then moves to the practice field you should move to the new location and assume your position as quickly as possible.

Never assume a rehearsal or performance is canceled due to bad weather.  Report to the appropriate location and look for posted notices.

You are financially and legally responsible for lost, damaged, or stolen school equipment, including instruments and uniforms. 

Never leave instruments on the ground or unattended.  Put them in cases with lids closed.

Only band members will sit in the stands designated as BAND AREA during games.  This means NO FRIENDS IN THE BAND AREA.  A seating diagram will be arranged.  This enhances the appearance and the sound of the band in the stands.

When you are in uniform conduct yourself as a representative of the Blugold Marching Band and UWEC Bands.  Wear your uniform with dignity and pride.  Do not walk around in partial uniform.  There is to be absolutely no smoking or drinking while in uniform. 

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