2008 Blugold Marching Band

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This season is packed with performances ... that is a good thing.  Performing is what this band does best.  There are four Blugold home games, exhibitions in Chicago, Minneapolis, and Chippewa Falls, a guest performance in Menonomie, and stage shows in Chetek and Zorn Arena.  
Saturday Sept 5
The first field performance of the season will be at half-time of the Menomonie High  School football game.

Monday Sept 8
We will travel to Lambeau Field to perform half-time of the Green Bay Packers vs Minnesota Vikings game on NFL Monday Night Football.

Saturday Sept 13
First home Blugold football game at Carson Park

Saturday Sept 20
Second home Blugold football game of the season at Carson Park.

Friday - Sunday Sept 26-38
We will travel to Chicago on Friday afternoon.  Saturday will be a tour day downtown Chicago, then we will perform as the exhibition band for the Lincoln-Way Marching Festival.  We will return to Eau Claire on Sunday.

Saturday Oct 4
Homecoming.  This will be a busy day.  It starts with the homecoming parade in the morning, followed by a lunch and stage show for the alumni association, followed by the game.

Saturday Oct 11
For the fifth year in a row the BMB will perform in exhibition at Music Along the Chippewa marching festival at Chi Hi.

Saturday Oct 18
Fourth home Blugold football game at Carson Park

Saturday October 25
For the third straight year we will travel to the Minneapolis Metrodome to perform in exhibition at the Youth in Music, Contest of Champions.  This is a Bands of America style show with 25 competing bands from 6 states.

Tuesday October 28
On Tuesday evening we will travel to Chetek, WI where we will perform a stage show for Chetek HS and other invited HS bands in the area.

Sunday Nov 2
On Sunday afternoon we will perform our second annual BMB Stage Show in Zorn Arena.

       2008 Performance Schedule
Sept 5
night                 (Fri)
Football Exhibition
Menomonie, WI
Sept 8
evening           (Mon)
Packers vs Vikings
Green Bay, WI
Sept 13
1 pm                (Sat)
Home Football vs UW-Whitewater
Carson Park
Sept 20
11 am              (Sat)
Home Football  vs Hope College
Carson Park
Sept 26 - 28
leave for Chicago approximately 1pm
Chicago, IL

Day in Chicago and Contest Exhibition
return to Eau Claire approximately 5pm
Oct 4
all day              (Sat)
Homecoming vs UW-Oshkosh
Carson Park
Oct 11
night                (Sat)
Music Along the Chippewa Exhibition
Chippewa Falls, WI
Oct 18
1 pm                (Sat)
Home Football vs UW-Flatteville
Carson Park
Oct 25
night                (Sat)
Contest of Champions Exhibition
Minneapolis Metrodome
Oct 28
night              (Tues)
Stage Show
Chetek, WI
Nov 2
2 pm               (Sun)
Stage Show
Zorn Arena