Major Renovations Planned for BMB Storage Areas in HFA

BMB was just notified from campus authorities that we are the recipient of a major lab modernization grant for the 2019-2020 academic year. These funds will be used to renovate several areas in HFA that will be used for BMB storage and purchase a new drum line.

Shared Storage
The area between the instrumental and choral rehearsal rooms, commonly known as "shared storage" will be renovated to house only BMB instruments.

Drum Line Storage & New Equipment
The room that is currently used for uniform storage will be converted into a dedicated drum line space, complete with harness hangers and cubicles for cases. A wide door will also be added from the hallway directly into the room. Funds are also being provided to purchase a complete new drum line to replace the Mapex line.

Podium Storage
A new outdoor storage facility is being constructed beside the southwest loading dock to store the podiums. This will eliminate the need for bringing the podiums inside and will protect HFA floors. It will also provide easier access for rehearsals and for truck loading.

BMB Headquarters & Uniform Storage
A new suite is being created on the second floor of HFA which will house all BMB uniforms, merchandise, and off-season instrument storage. It will also serve as an office for the managers to work on roster, attendance, bus lists, and other documents.

Randy DickersonComment