Update on Purchases

The purchase requisition for the new drumline has been submitted and now we start the waiting game for the arrival of the new drumline. This is all custom finish equipment so delivery will be mid Summer. To change things up and show a new look we have ordered Vintage Gold Sparkle. These drums will have a hard finish on maple, not a wrap.

Here is the list of new equipment.
*10 Snares, 8 Toms, 5 Sets of Tenors, 6 Basses
*New carriers for all of the above
*New stadium hardware (stands) for all of the above (including snares and toms)
*Cases for all of the above
*Practice covers for all of the above

A purchase requisition has also been submitted for additional uniforms. This will finally put everyone in the same uniform! If we still run short I have ideas for how we can adapt to expand the inventory but we should not have any section in the old style uniform next year. Our shakos and capes are the same in the old and new styles so we did not need as many of these items.

Here is the list of new uniforms.
*106 Uniform Coats
*106 Uniform Pants
*64 Shakos
*20 Capes

Randy DickersonComment