The online application window opens on March 1st and remains open until July 1st or until each section is full. Some sections fill very quickly so early application is recommended.

All performing sections are closed.
Managers are still seeking applications.
Please refer to the chart below for details.


Time Commitment

Tuesday - Friday — 4:30 - 5:45

Saturdays — Football Games and Events

University Requirement

All degrees on campus require completion of the Liberal Education (LE) core curriculum. When taken twice, Blugold Marching Band satisfies one category, the Liberal Education Fine Arts S3. If you have been accepted in the BMB through the application system you may register for MUSI 183 at summer orientation or during the on-campus registration period.


The cost of Blugold Marching Band membership is relatively low. For students who live on campus university Housing charges $3 per night for early move-in (approximately four nights during camp). New members will need a BMB shirt, marching shoes and other supplies at a total cost of about $60.  We typically do an overnight trip to Chicago, Indianapolis, or St. Louis at a total price of about $80. Your second, third, and fourth years in Blugold Marching Band will be even less if your supplies are still usable. 

Band Camp

There is a training camp prior to the beginning of the fall semester. Attendance is required for all members.  Dorms open early for Blugold Marching Band members. You may move directly into your permanent housing assignments and miss the rush of regular move-in day. 


The Music Department provides drums, sousaphones, baritones, mellophones, and a limited number of piccolos at no charge. These instruments are available for check-out during camp registration.




Admission to the Blugold Marching Band is competitive and is limited by our inventory of uniforms and equipment.  The band does not have an alternate system, therefore every person who is accepted will have a spot in the show.


Section goals may be adjusted depending on strength of applications.

“Wait List” This section has exceeded its target enrollment but we will consider outstanding applications.
”Closed” This section has exceeded its enrollment goal and its wait list capacity.
No status is posted for the Drumline because this section’s membership is based purely on auditions.

40 Piccolos Closed at 46 members
40 Alto Saxophones Closed at 45 members
24 Mellophones Closed at 27 members
18 Baritones Closed at 18 members
39 Drumline Closed at 47 members
14 Dancers (auditions) Closed at 13 members
3 Drum Majors Closed


54 Clarinets Closed at 63 members
20 Tenor Saxophones Closed at 22 members
74 Trumpets Closed at 74 members
56 Trombones Closed at 61 members
22 Sousaphones Closed at 24 members
28 Colorguard (auditions) Closed at 20 members
10 Managers Open

Drumline, Dancers, and Colorguard

Auditions for Drumline are complete and the lines have been set.


A critical component of Blugold Marching Band membership is your ability to commit to the entire performance schedule. Absence from a performance is not allowed except under extreme circumstances and by advance consent of the director. Please look at our performance calendar here before applying.   

Music Education Majors: Marching band is a required course in your degree program. You must, however, submit this application to request a spot. You will not have a spot if your section is already full when you apply.