Branden Atherton Award

Initiated in 2004, the Atherton Award recognizes in its recipient the qualities that Branden Atherton exemplified. Branden was a four-year member of the BMB and was Drum Major for two years (2002 and 2003.)  During the rebuilding years of the BMB, Branden was one of the first members to put in the extra effort to help expand and improve the quality of the BMB. The recipient will be a member who understands the mission of the Blugold Marching Band and has helped to further its cause. 

The name of each year's Atherton Award winner is added to a plaque in Haas Fine Arts Building.


2018: Adam Daun

2017: Devon Lawerence & Alex Plum

2016: Nick Junker & David Lofy

2015: Trent Spatenka & Kara Metzger

2014: Nick Hansberry

2013: Guy Dee & Sean Conway

2012: Bret Van Nuland

2011: Nick Drayton & Matt Winarski

2010: Stefanie Berkopec

2009: Matthew Winarski & Michael Renneke

2008: Michelle Kochan & Kira Zeman

2007: Michael Renneke

2006: Jacob Boyle & Phil Snyder

2005: Tim Baumann

2004: Phil Snyder

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Branden Atherton