Student Leadership

Drum Majors


The most visible and iconic student leaders on the field are the Drum Majors. The BMB has a proud tradition of excellent drum majors who assist in running rehearsals and who guide the ensemble in performance

Over the past several years an astonishing number of BMB members have held prestigious drum major positions in major drum & bugle corps including, Madison Scouts, Cavaliers, Bluecoats, Colts, Carolina Crown, and River City Rhythm


The Drum Majors have many responsibilities that make the BMB function effectively.

  • Coordinate Section Leaders and run staff meetings

  • Unify marching and music style issues

  • Consult with director about rehearsal order and relate agenda to staff

  • Conduct the band in performance

  • Perform duties as assigned by director

  • Run rehearsal protocol


2019 Drum Majors

Nathan Czech

Nathan is a Junior Music Education Major at The University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. He is in the tuba/euphonium studio under Dr. Jacob Grewe. He has been Drum Major of the Madison Scouts for the past three years and will be returning for his fourth year in 2019. Nathan is the current president of the campus’ chapter of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia. He is in the wind symphony as well as concert choir. He is also in Bassically Brass, a tuba/euphonium ensemble, and initiative tuba quartet. Nathan is incredibly excited to be the Drum Major for the BMB this next fall for his third season!


Megan Hutera

Megan is a Junior at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire where she majors in Music Education and studies trumpet with Mr. Robert Baca. Originally from Rice Lake, WI, Megan has performed in numerous pit orchestras in Rice Lake and Eau Claire. Megan enjoys teaching privately, conducting, and practicing with others. Megan was a 2018 member of the Madison Scouts as a flugelhorn soloist and has played trumpet in the BMB for two years prior to becoming a drum major. She plans to teach middle school band and move to South America after she graduates.


Michael St. Ores

Michael is a Junior Organizational Communications Major at the University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire. He will be entering his fourth season with the BMB, and has also performed with concert bands, jazz ensembles, brass quintets and the trumpet studio while at UWEC. He served as a Drum Major at River City Rhythm from 2016-2017, and will be conducting for Carolina Crown this summer for his second year. Michael is originally from Rosemount, Minnesota and plans on living and working in Eau Claire after graduating from UWEC in the Fall of 2019.


Section Leaders


Section Leaders are perhaps the most important link in the student leadership chain. They are responsible for most of the individual teaching as well as camaraderie within their section.


  • Verify participation of every member during the summer and prepare each member for camp

  • Coordinate Rank Lieutenants and assign duties

  • Assign parts and drill numbers

  • Teach marching fundamentals

  • Conduct music sectionals

  • Distribute information, announcements, music, and drill to section members

2019 Section Leaders

PICCOLO: Maria Deridder & Zoie Stukel-McLean

CLARINET: Paige Kaiser & Angela Klinkner

ALTO SAX: Sarah Peichel & Austin Peterson

TENOR SAX: Andrew Akey & Jonah Amundsen

TRUMPET: Jacob Schuelke & Eleanor Sladek

MELLOPHONE: Corey Moseman & Madeline Rydholm

TROMBONE: Alex Mazur & Nic Murphy

BARITONE: Brad Konsela & Brock Orton

SOUSAPHONE: Ray Dorschner & Max Firminhac

GUARD: Courtney Diedrick & Nicki Morgan

DANCERS: Kayla Donovan & Rachel Elkins

Rank Lieutenants


Rank Lieutenants are teaching assistants for both marching and music rehearsals. They help incoming members with their transition from high school to college marching band.


  • Assist Section Leaders with forms, alignment, and marching fundamentals

  • Teach fundamentals in sub-sections

  • Assist Section Leaders in music rehearsals.

  • Contribute to the overall esprit de corps of the section

2019 Rank Lieutenants

PICCOLO: MacKenzie DeLeo, Skye Hanson, Abby Hetcher, Taylor Julson, Bailey Wilson, & Susannah Zblewski

CLARINET: Sara Dingeldein, Jenny Egge, Jack Ford, Charles Kuban, Kenz Mevis, & Natasha Radke

ALTO SAX: Kayla Christiansen, Rachel Dax, Max Ellison, & Jacob Westphal

TENOR SAX: Morgan Burke, Alex Coleman, Shane Kohls, & Jaime Peterson

TRUMPET: Simon Arneberg, Rob Cook, Evan Flanagan, Alissa Gundrum, Jon Karow, Lily Kuhaupt & Ximona Pederson

MELLOPHONE: Allie Cotton & Brendan Malewicki

BARITONE: Emily Chiesa & Matt Talley

TROMBONE: Miranda Anderson, Brianna Busch, Kyle West, Ari Carlson, & Alex Drost

SOUSAPHONE: Spencer Erdman & Abbey Keister

Chief Manager


Maggie Glass

Maggie is a junior here at UWEC, where she majors in Music with a topical minor in Healing Arts. She intends to pursue a Masters degree in Music Therapy after graduation. She is in voice studio under Mark Mowry, as well as Concert Choir. This is her second year managing BMB, and her first season as chief manager. Her favorite part of BMB is getting to experience first hand the progress and growth of the band from camp to their final performance. She is beyond excited to be stepping into the role of head manger in 2019.


  • Coordinates all student managers and assigns duties

  • Ensures that all equipment is in place for rehearsals and performances

  • Compiles all attendance records

  • Collaborates with Administrative Assistant to create bus lists, hotel lists, and trip itineraries

Administrative Assistant


Deidra Gibson

Deidra is from Eau Claire, Wisconsin and will be a fifth year senior at UWEC, where she is majoring in French with a minor in German. She has been with the BMB since her freshman year. This will be Deidra’s first year as the Administrative Assistant but she was the Chief Manager for the BMB for the past two years and a manager for two years before that. Because of her major, she has traveled to 24 countries across Europe, South East Asia and Central America. After she graduates she is looking into teaching English in Europe.


  • Compiles housing records and communicates with university housing

  • Handles all financial records including merchandise and invoices

  • Manages merchandise inventory

  • Manages uniform staff

  • Collaborates With Chief Manager