Introducing the 2019 BMB Drumline …

SNARES (left to right)
Ryan Pelle, Kai Fang, Andrew Smits, Hank Attiyeh, Tristan McGlauchlen, Anna Loughridge, Evan Kalthoff, Logan Julson, Kimberly Barnes, Ryan Hansen

TENORS (left to right)
Connor Hedtke, Donovan Mack, Ben Ostertag, Danny David, North Skager

TOMS (left to right)
Wyatt Cameron, Alexa Forde, Leah Koepke, Rita Acosta, Eric Trogen, Christopher Anema, Emily Glen, Katie Miller, Aaron Stengel, Elli Becker

BASSES (in order)
1 Sierra Olson, 2 Kory Esterberg, 3 Madeline Marchiafava, 4 Connor Gravitt, 5 Braedon Laundrie, 6 Anthony Eterno

CYMBALS (alphabetical)
Madison Bohl, Liz Caya, Shannon Forsberg, Darin Gease, Molly Halverson, Sarah Helvick, Joe Jasper, Valorie Mueller, Eric Poore, Sean Powell-Burns, Leah Renaud, Nate Schoolmeesters, Rachel Skunes, Taz Smith, Alana Ulmer, Jackson White

The Blugold Marching Band Drumline is a highly selective section open only by audition. Auditions were held on Saturday May 11th. As a result of an unusually large and strong talent pool the line size was increased this year to the following instrumentation: 10 snares, 5 tenors, 10 toms, 6 basses and 16 cymbals.,

In order to prepare for the season, the drumline reports to campus two weeks before the beginning of the academic school year — one week before full band camp. During this time the drumline meets and prepares the music, and works on balance as a battery. During the semester the drumline meets with the rest of the band during rehearsal times and may hold additional rehearsals outside of class when necessary.

Dr. Jeffrey Crowell, Drumline Instructor

Jack Johnson, Drumline Arranger

Scottie Krueger, Drumline Coordinator

Audition Packet